Lawsuit to Ban All Vote-Counting Machines Exposing Betrayal of the State and Judiciary


These were the first five words of the LEGAL BRIEF we filed yesterday in our case against the New York State Board of Elections, in which we are seeking a total ban against the further use electronic vote counting systems. What follows is the entire text of our brief, followed in turn by links to the string of previous filings that preceded this one.

This Reply brief is the final pleading in WTP’s Motion for Reconsideration petitioning the U.S. District Court in Albany to reverse its prior (erroneous) Order dismissing the WTP NCEL lawsuit on a judicial theory of “lack of standing” because all voters are injured equally. The Motion to Dismiss is the State of New York’s second attempt to terminate this historic lawsuit which is essential to protecting the integrity of all elections, which in turn, are the cornerstone of our form of representative government.